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5 Benefits of Alfresco Summer Dining


One of the finest aspects of a quintessential Aussie summer is being able to indulge in a bit of outdoor dining. If you’re yet to experience this and wondering, “what is dining alfresco?” – you’ve been seriously missing out!

Whether it’s setting up a picnic in a park or visiting an alfresco restaurant and café, there are many ways to enjoy eating your meals outside with close friends and family. You can expect a range of benefits to an alfresco menu over traditional dining, too, including how it brings people together, affects your physical and mental health, and adds some stunning scenery to each course. 

Here are some of the fantastic benefits you can experience from enjoying an alfresco menu at your favourite Mildura restaurant and café. 


1. Add Some Fresh Air to the Menu in Mildura 

Fresh air can be utterly invigorating for our bodies. It cleans our lungs, boosts our moods, and even increases energy levels. Recycled air, like that found in many work environments and family homes, is rife with high moisture levels, dust, gases and other pollutants that can irritate our bodies. Therefore, replacing stale office air with the clean outdoors helps to reset our systems and can significantly benefit our health. Eating outdoors benefits us by breaking up our everyday routine and taking a minute to think about our health and well-being. 


2. Experience the Benefits of Nature Through Summer Dining

There is something freeing about alfresco summer dining that allows you to completely relax in your setting. Whether surrounded by lush green lawns, blooming flowers or a vast expanse of blue sky, the power of nature is all around you. This change in environment can be utterly freeing for someone who has spent their day in a cramped, overcrowded office space. 

Research has suggested that natural surroundings, from potted plants to aquariums, can have a transformative effect, both physically and psychologically. From helping to manage blood pressure better and regulating heart rates to decreasing stress hormones and easing muscle tension, the benefits of outdoor dining are too good to ignore! 


3. Help Improve Your Body’s Natural Functions with Alfresco Dining 

Did you know that alfresco dining can actually help you de-stress? When relaxed and at ease, our bodies can better digest food, ensuring that the food we consume is properly broken down, ready to absorb all the nutrients and avoid any harmful germs or pathogens. 

Summer dining is also a great way to top up the levels of vitamin D – a vital substance for the effective absorption of calcium in our bodies for healthy teeth and bones, as well as better hormone control to avoid issues like depression. 

Enjoying alfresco dining with family and friends can even help improve the way you sleep. The combination of eating good food with loved ones in the fresh air can leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, ready for a sublime night’s rest. 


4. Complement an Active Lifestyle with Outdoor Dining this Summer

Summer dining presents a wide range of opportunities to combine an active lifestyle with a mouth-watering alfresco menu. Whether you enjoy having the kids play in the garden or stopping for a bite to eat after a hike with friends, outdoor dining has flexibility and a relaxed feel that many indoor restaurants and cafes cannot replicate. As such, alfresco dining benefits our well-being and ability to commit to a long-term healthy lifestyle. 


5. Stay Social in an Alfresco Restaurant or Café in Mildura 

Eating outdoors with an alfresco menu provides more opportunities to be social, particularly in the wake of COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing. From encountering a few new faces to meeting groups of friends and family to catch up, there is nothing quite like bonding over good food and drink in a wonderous outdoor setting. 


Enjoy Quality Alfresco Dining in the Newest Alfresco Restaurant, Café & Bar in Mildura 

Outdoor dining is a fantastic way to relax and recharge. At The Gateway in Mildura, we have the perfect spot for you to enjoy an alfresco menu with family and friends. Verde Restaurant and Café offers customers a range of tastes from a fresh menu inspired by fantastic flavours. So, why not enjoy the Mediterranean climate any time of the year and try the newest alfresco restaurant, café, and bar in Mildura? 

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