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A Brief (But Rich) History of Mildura


At The Gateway, we are very proud of the rich history of Mildura, where we get to serve the community food, entertainment, fun and drink. Located on the River Murray banks, we are known as one of the most notable river cities where we began with a population of 1243 people in 1891 until now, where the population is 78,620.

Long before European settlement, the city was initially known as Lrymple, home to the Paakantyi and Latje Latje tribes. The town’s name is derived from the Indigenous term red earth.

Known as a borough in 1920, then a town in 1922, we have been referred to as a city since 1934, where we have continued to evolve as a thriving produce and arts district. What does this mean for our pub and family restaurant? It sees us having access to some of Australia’s best food and entertainment for a great family night out.

So, Where is Mildura?

The question is often asked whether The Gateway is located in Victoria or NSW. Our regional location is on the north-west Victorian side of the Murray River, forming a border with NSW and flowing into South Australia.

Historical Attractions & A Place to Unwind

Marketed as a rural winter escape for Victorians for many years, it also has an interesting past, dried fruit and fresh produce. You can get a solid understanding of the region’s past by visiting some of the local attractions.

  • Sunraysia – The town, the horticulture, and the beautiful sunshine are perhaps the most recognisable parts of the Sunraysia area narrative. The dried fruit industry in the city got its title and subsequently became the district’s name in 1919 as part of a contest.
  • Psyche Pumps– Dating back to early settlement, the first irrigation pumps began pumping water to Kings Billabong from the Murray. It’s still operational and is one of the oldest of its type in the world. It’s the perfect place to learn a little more history of the area.
  • Millewa Pioneer Park– For a hands-on visual display of early district lifestyle and the past. It’s the best place to get a great insight into the past challenges of creating farms and homes in the area.
  • Mungo Man and Mungo Lady– Understand Aboriginal heritage and visit the Barmah Forest Heritage and Education Centre, where you can learn about their richness of their tribe and the historical significance.

Keeping the Narrative Alive

When you visit The Gateway and other restaurants in Mildura Victoria, you will be surrounded by the years of transformation that have seen the region grow into the bustling community it is today. Its very beginnings are an essential part of how the richness of land has created beautiful produce, respected the indigenous tribes, and used natural resources. Along with the people who give you insight into the past, you are welcomed to the fold where early settlers fought, and the community now works to keep the vision alive.