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Easy Cocktail Recipes to Make at Home


Having a night out with friends or hosting a party at home means delicious cocktails and lots of nibbles to pig out on. And there’s really nothing better than that, right?

For those that like to spice things up with their choice of beverage, cocktails elevate the mood of any party and make the menu options that little bit more interesting. And if guests don’t drink alcohol, there’s always mocktails.

So to help you bank up some of the most tantalising cocktails out there, we’re serving up this list of DIY options you can make at home. You do not need to be a seasoned bartender to mix up these beauties.

How to make cocktails at home

Lemon Drop Martini

We consider this one of the best cocktails for citrus lovers. All you need is vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup (water + sugar) and a slice of lemon for garnishing. It is a very fresh, sweet, and refreshing beverage for all taste buds and especially delicious in summer.

Gin and Tonic

Simple but timeless, the classic G&T is a crowd-favourite for a reason. All you need is tonic, gin, lime, and ice. You can make it is as cheap or extravagant as you want, too; add gin and tonic in any proportion or opt for the traditional 2:5 (let’s not get too wild). Voila!


Sometimes we want a drink with those fresh in-season h herbs and the mojito ticks all of these boxes. Snatch up some rum, sugar, club soda, lime, and mint – and you’re set. Mix all these ingredients all together in a shaker, or take it to the next level with a hint of your favourite fruit.


Another very quick, budget-friendly cocktail loved by all is the almighty mimosa. Use a spare or new bottle of sparkling wine and orange juice of your choice, and that’s that. Add peach and turn it into another famous beverage – fabulous bellini.

Margarita and daiquiri

Two of the most famous cocktails to hit the bar scene, you can prepare these recipes at home with just a few ingredients. Grab some tequila, triple sec, and lime juice; mix together and whip up in your favourite martini glass. Salt the glass for the margarita, if you want to add a bit of an edge.

After reading this, we won’t be surprised if you’re left asking ‘Okay, where’s a bottle shop near me?’ If that happens to be in Mildura, then we’ve got you covered. Alternatively, head into our bar or restaurant for an in-house cocktail made by our savvy staff.

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