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Eat, Drink and Be Entertained at Gateway Mildura


Is there anything better than a fun-filled day or night spent with loved ones at a welcoming, lively family restaurant? At The Gateway, we are offering you exactly that! 

Whether you are spending the day with loved ones or looking for a relaxing spot to unwind after a hard day’s work, we have everything you need here in the heart of Mildura. 


Who We Are at Gateway Mildura

Mildura has a fantastic selection of family-friendly restaurants boasting diverse menu options and a comfortable atmosphere. Like any regional city, we are proud of our strong community ties and strive to offer everyone a place to come together, swap stories and enjoy some fine food & drinks! 

At The Gateway Mildura, we are much more than our excellent bistro food and welcoming, family-friendly restaurants. Read on to discover why you should visit us for your next lunch or dinner experience! 


Dine with Us at Our Family Friendly Bistro & Restaurants in Mildura 

Mouth-watering bistro food, a family-friendly atmosphere, and a stylish modern venue are what we can guarantee at Mildura’s best family bistro and restaurant. A popular venue loved by locals and visitors alike, we harness the generous community spirit of our surroundings to provide patrons with a warm welcome that makes everyone feel like family. 

Our diverse, delicious menu caters to a variety of tastes. Whether you are looking for a succulent steak, vegetarian meal, gluten-free options, simple salads, or hearty soups, we have something for everyone. 

So, if excellent value and friendly service sound like your ideal bistro experience, make a booking at the Mildura Gateway Family Bistro today. 


Enjoy Sports Season All Year Long at The Gateway Mildura 

Sport is such a core part of the Australian identity. Here at The Gateway Mildura, we work hard to provide access to thrilling and diverse sporting events for our residents and patrons, showing broadcasts across Fox Sports, Sky Racing and more. 

Whether you’re watching nail-biting football matches or our heart-pumping racing coverage, our venues are carefully designed to provide customers with the ultimate viewing experience. You will also find TAB facilities and free Wi-Fi.

So, if you are ready to be entertained with good food, cold beer and a great game or two, grab a menu and settle in at our favourite sports club and bar at the Mildura Gateway. 


Relax & Unwind with Friends and Family at The Club Bar

Even if sports are not your style, there is no better place to lift a few pints, enjoy some delicious food and have a few laughs with family and friends than The Club Bar at Mildura Gateway. For a casual dining experience that combines good eats and efficient service, there is no better spot. 

Explore our menu for lunch or dinner while you socialise, enjoying the friendly atmosphere. 


Celebrate Your Upcoming Events at The Gateway Mildura 

The Gateway Mildura is also the home of various private and public events, celebrating members of our community and sharing the joy of moments, great or small. Our sizeable alfresco terrace, impressive lighting structures, stunning views and cutting-edge equipment ensure that we are one of Mildura’s preferred venues for everything from birthdays and anniversaries to music performances and community events. Enjoy simple food or elaborate menu options for your celebrations, as well as live music and performers that will make any event a resounding success! 


Rediscover Nature with Our Alfresco Family Restaurants 

For those itching to embrace summer living, our alfresco dining options at Mildura Gateway should be at the top of your list. Whether you are eager to enjoy a cold beer, spirit or wine out in the sunshine or dine on delicious food on the patio, alfresco dining at Gateway Mildura is the perfect way to bring family and friends together in a carefree, fun way. 

Not only will you enjoy a deliciously diverse menu, but you will have the opportunity to reconnect with nature, eschewing the air-conditioned, recycled oxygen for clean, fresh air while you dine. 

Our Verde alfresco restaurant, bar and cafe is Mildura’s newest addition. Located in the heart of Victoria’s food bowl, it offers a delectable menu that pairs beautifully with the Mediterranean ambience you can enjoy all year round. We even have exciting live music sessions at various times for added entertainment!  


Discover More about Our Bistro & Restaurants at The Gateway Mildura Today 

So, if you are seeking quality, family-friendly restaurants, access to top-shelf entertainment, relaxing alfresco dining, and live sporting action, get in touch with our staff today. You can make a booking or learn more by sending an online enquiry, calling (03) 5021 3288, or emailing We look forward to hearing from you!