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Essential Pub Meals to Try in Your Life

The local pub is a great place to enjoy a meal in 2019, whether you are planning on washing it down with a drink or two, or not. Most pubs are family-friendly these days and feature menus that will surprise, in terms of variety, quality and the price point – including all picks at The Gateway.

Here are the menu classics you can find almost anywhere in Australia – and why you need to need to try them at least once.

Chicken schnitzel or parmigiana

Any list of pub fare needs to be headed up by the crumbed chicken classic, with or without the tomato sauce, ham and cheese.

You can get it drizzled with gravy, served with chips and salad of fresh local veggies, garnished with lemon – there is so much that can be done with chicken.

Modern pubs are getting more and more adventurous with the schnitzel, adorning it with toppings like chorizo, avocado, olives and even different crumbing techniques like corn chips (best served with guacamole). At our bistro,  however, you’ll find the absolute crowd-favourite of crumbed chicken breast, served with chip and your choice of topping.

A great steak

Once upon a time, getting a steak at your local pub was akin to a game of Russian Roulette.

A greasy T-bone nestled on a mountain of chips would likely be slapped in front of you – not that there is anything wrong with that.

Competition has caused pubs to lift their game in the modern era, though. The finest cuts of Black Angus, Wagyu rump and even eye fillet nor occupy menus. At The Gateway, you can also enjoy our classic beef schnitzel, with plenty of topping options to choose from.

If you want a great steak, our local has become the place to find it.

Fish and chips

Like the steak, the humble serve of fish and chips has come a long way as well.

In previous decades the corner fish and chips shop would serve up a better deep-fried seafood feast than any pub, which would usually rely on frozen products.

Now, fish of the day is common. At The Gateway, we offer beer-battered or grilled butterfish with golden fried chips and tartare sauce. Or if you’re feeling something from the sea that’s not directly fish, try our garlic prawns, salt and lemon pepper squid or seafood catch (an assortment of the very best options).

A side of chips

Sometimes we don’t need a Gordan Ramsay special to satisfy us, especially when it comes to feeding the kids.

Fried chips with a sidekick of garlic aioli is the staple you can enjoy in any pub, usually at any time of the day (and often night as well).

Wood-fired pizza

Another evolution of the pub menu is the humble pizza.

Sure, if you want a meat lovers paradise stacked to the ceiling with every deli cut under the sun, you can still get it. But at The Gateway, we have a selection of your favourites, all created with preservative-free ingredients.

Load the kids up with classic ham and pineapple while you enjoy our popular ‘Rouseabout’. Perfect.

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