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Explore these Top Attractions in Mildura in 2021


One of Victoria’s best towns to explore is tucked in the northwest of the state, just six hours north of Melbourne, if you travel by car. Built along the ‘Mighty’ Murray River, Mildura is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities – whether spent with family friends or adventuring solo. If you love wine, this region is one you can’t afford to miss, with plenty to do and see in 2021.

Even if you haven’t got this hotspot on your list of bucket list priorities, take a detour to this country town for a little R&R on the side. Here’s everything we love about exploring this Victorian destination.

What to do in Mildura, Victoria

Cruise Along the Murray River on a Paddle Steamer

Enjoy a tranquil cruise on one of the region’s famous paddle steamers, observing the thriving, Aussie-esque surrounds as you go. With plenty of rich history to absorb and sights you’ll never forget, this town offers lots to feast your eyes and mind on.

Fun fact, paddle steamers were once the only source of transportation in the city, so it’s a nice throwback to a big part of the town’s history.

Enjoy a Drop at Local Wineries

Mildura has a lot of wineries to visit, so much so that it might be hard to fit them all in. But if you love fruity chardonnays or a punchy Shiraz or two, the region has fabulous labels to visit. Our recommendations include the beautiful Trentham Estate, which overlooks Trentham Hills.

Red Cliffs Scenic Reserve

One of the major attractions for this region is the Red Cliff Scenic Reserve, just 15 minutes away from the town centre (by car). On the way to the Reserve, the namesake’s town – Red Cliff – is perfect to pop into for a quick bite. Here is where you’ll also find its most famous attraction: Big Lizzie, the world’s largest tractor (back in her day). Upon reaching the top of the cliff, you also get picturesque views of the Murray River in all its glory.

Mildura Arts Centre

Mildura also has an attractive Arts Centre for hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals alike. The dedicated Mildura Arts Centre has an indoor gallery space that features the local artists’ fantastic work. It also has a theatre and a sculpture park for you to peruse.

The Chaffey Trail

Another exciting attraction is a must-visit to the Chaffey Trail. Mildura has a rich irrigation history, and Chaffey Trail tells the whole story best. It narrates how the region became an irrigated oasis amid arid land and Australia’s first irrigation colony.

Botanic Gardens

If you love native plants, the gorgeous Australian Inland Botanic Gardens is a must. Sitting on the edge of the town for all the nature lovers, you can visit the gardens for free to enjoy colourful Aussie flora and foreign species of plants throughout the year.

Apart from all these attractive destinations, there a plethora of pubs and restaurants in Mildura to enjoy good food and music with your family and friends. If that’s not enough, there’s always the region’s notably warmer weather, giving you lots of fun in the sun all-year-round.

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