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Houseboating on the Mighty Murray

Choosing the right place to holiday can be a daunting task. Are you looking for the best way to spend your vacation?

Located in Victoria’s north west, in what is affectionately known as “Australia’s Food Bowl”, Mildura is a wonderful place to spend your holidays. Home to some of the country’s finest food, wine and creative endeavours, the city is nothing short of a sensory delight.

A horticultural asset, over 80 per cent of Australia’s grapes come from Mildura. The city, therefore, is perfect for all wine-lovers. Mildura is dotted with a selection of top class wineries. The best way to experience the ins and outs of this national treasure? By houseboat, of course.

Amazing Activities and Services

The variety of Mildura houseboat accommodation and holiday packages is what draws so many weekenders to the region. Ranging from moderate to luxury models, you can find them all. This ensures that you can always have an amazing time in Mildura on the water and on land.

Mildura houseboats come in all shapes and sizes. The Mighty Murray River is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia, meaning you’ll never fall short of things to do here. The riverine spectacle offers you a piece of Aussie paradise. Think fine dining restaurants, pubs and wineries lining the banks of the river. You can enjoy hearty meals and wine tastings at some of the country’s best vineyards like Trentham Estate.

Locals and tourists alike partake in popular sporting activities like kayaking, fishing and waterskiing (just to name a handful). What’s more, certain houseboats provide you with deck spas, a favourite for locals and tourists. If you want to take your pet, the houseboats here offer plenty of pet-friendly options for drifting up the Mighty Murray.

Head into Town

For more delicious culinary and artistic indulgence, head into the centre of Mildura, where you will find some of the region’s top restaurants and breweries dotted around the town centre. Find fine fare catering to all food types: Spanish, Thai , and Japanese – you name it. Eat at top class pubs, cafes and restaurants like our very own Mildura Gateway, long considered the town’s top family bistro and sports bar venue with the convenience of a drive through bottleshop.

Mildura’s creative institutions are some of the finest in the country. The Mildura Art Group, the Mildura Arts Centre & Rio Vista Historic House, The Art Vault and the Barkindji Wiimpatya Murra Centre all offer amazing pieces from local, national and indigenous artists. Take a tour and soak in the vibrant artistic elements of this wonderful part of the world.

There is so much happening in town, it’s hard to imagine covering it all in a short vacation. What’s more, Mildura hosts a variety of cultural and culinary events throughout the year, so be sure to get out here when one is happening.

See You at The Gateway in Mildura!

With so much to do in such a centralised location, it’s easy to see why people are flocking to Mildura to enjoy the creative and culinary delights on offer. Beloved by locals and tourists alike, we look forward to seeing you at Mildura Gateway.