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How to Choose Healthier Menu Options at Your Local Pub

Sometimes Friday nights just call for a good, old session out at your local, bustling pub – and we don’t blame you. That’s what weekends are for. But when you’re trying to keep your waistline in check, picking out options to suit can often throw your hard work into chaos. So in this post, we’re giving you the low-down on some pub meals you can opt for, all the while keeping on track with your healthy eating habits.

Firstly, ditch the misconceptions

If you’ve got a friend in town or you’re looking for a meal away from home, you don’t have to groan at the thought of sifting through the bistro menu. As people become more and more health-conscious and carry various dietary requirements, the times have changed; there’s now a diverse range of dishes you can choose from – especially when you dine at The Gateway Tavern Mildura.

If you‘re not sure what classifies as “acceptable foods”, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind.

What to look out for on the menu

Dishes to avoid

  • Deep-fried meals: Anything that’s been deep-fried will definitely be in the no-go zone for your diet. Because these types of food are typically high in calories and fat, it’s always good to avoid them if you’re trying to keep your eating in check. It’s also important to note that deep-fried foods are cooked in oils that are usually high in trans fat. Examples include schnitzels, chips, wedges or crumbed calamari.
  • Huge portions: While a plate full of food is always appealing, portion sizes have a significant impact on your overall ability to eat healthily and lose weight. If a plate seems like it’s enough for two people, why not share? Your wallet will thank you, too.
  • Add-on sauces: A bit of gravy there, a pile of tomato sauce here. We know how it goes, but sauces are the most simple way to rack up the calories inadvertently.

Dishes to choose

  • Salads: You do make friends with salad – The Simpsons were wrong. Bonus points for salads featuring protein and vegetables. Tip: avoid croutons.
  • Lean meat: Steak and lamb cutlets are your best bet here (yay!) but as long as the cut of meat isn’t laden in sugary sauces or marinades, then you’re most likely good to go anyway. Say no to the chips and opt for a salad or serving of vegetables to avoid extra calories. Bam! A nutritious pub meal you can’t beat.
  • Seafood: We know – we’re cheering too. Choose fresh mussels, prawns or a fresh piece of grilled fish and pile up on the salad to finish off.

What’s your favourite healthy pub meal?