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Toast to Your Success: Book Event Space at Cube This EOFY

Mildura businesses and teams are preparing to celebrate success stories and accomplishments as the End of Financial Year bursts into full swing. Cubed it! Why not celebrate this by hosting an elite dining experience at one of the most lavish venues Mildura has to offer? Introducing Cube, your newest luxurious alfresco restaurant and event dining destination. At Cube, the experience is as epic as the success.

What Makes Cube Your EOFY Event of Choice?

Elite Atmosphere: Cube takes centre stage with an exclusive outdoor setting located inside Verde’s terraced area, providing the perfect location for up to 60 people. The inspiration behind the design is the geometric simplicity of a cube, with its sleek gold branding and luxurious cube motif. With a decor of Corten panels lasercut with the Master’s motif, this venue is guaranteed to impress guests.

Culinary Experience: Cube knows that food is the heart of every success story. Its Mediterranean-inspired menu aims to feed the master within everyone. Each bite is a celebratory experience fit for the master’s story. From perfectly cubed hors d’oeuvres to sumptuous courses, every food has been scrutinised to perfection and aims to define your dining experience.

Versatile Dining Options: Cube isn’t only a restaurant. It’s a dynamic alfresco dining destination. Whether for a formal gathering of 50 people at our solid redgum dinner tables or a less formal engagement with drinks and selected food at the bar, there’s something delicious in store. Our chief seating solution is the master’s most comfortable leather high-back chairs.

Extended Hours for Celebrations: We realise that your celebrations might go on longer than dining hours, and, as such, our bar is open until 11:30 pm. Consequently, you can enjoy your favorite drinks and drink to your success into the evening. Cube is the perfect place, whether it is a day out or an all-night celebration.

Making Your EOFY Event a Success

Personalized Service: At Cube, our team is dedicated to helping you ensure your event is a success. From the time of booking until the last glass is raised in celebration, we ensure that we give you personalised service in everything you do.

Stunning Decor and Setting: The décor is just something you have to see for yourself, and it is also a fantastic scene for your Instagram photos. The combination of natural wood, metalwork, and elegant furniture creates an attractive environment.

Accessibility and Convenience: Cube is situated in a strategic position. Cube is one of the most sophisticated and highly maintained venues in Mildura. It is a ten-minute train journey from the various malls in the city. Mushy and accessible parking spaces make it the ideal venue for any event.

As EOFY approaches and with us getting ready well, for it is a busy period in which everyone wants the same weekend. We first warn all those who want to give their days at Cube the perfect ideals to hurry and book using the contacts provided here before our available nights run out. Remember to keep in touch with us via Facebook and Instagram and remember to follow our page in the Mildura gateway for our newsletter. Raise your glass and toast success at Cube, where every event is envisioned to be as unique as your achievements. Call now and let us help you determine how to make your EOFY party a grand success!

For bookings and reservations, visit, contact us at, or call (03) 5021 3288. We are open 365 days a year.