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Top Three Things To Do in Mildura

Mildura is an easy one-hour flight or a six hour drive from Melbourne. Located on the edge of the outback in Victoria’s North West, there are several awesome reasons why you should head out there.

Let’s take a look at three of them.

1. Mungo National Park

The World Heritage listed Mungo National Park is one of the top reasons people travel to Mildura. A trip to this national park is like stepping into a vast time capsule: you can see in plain sight the erosion of sand blowing from the vast dunes and hear incredible stories from your guide about the strange weather patterns that the park experiences.

Make sure that you come prepared, however. A trip to the park in summer can be a toasty affair, with temperatures surpassing the 42 degree C mark. Bring plenty of water and fly net hat – just our advice.

2. Houseboating

The upper banks of the Murray River are lined with endless trees to tie a houseboat to, making it perfect for weekenders looking for a relaxing time on the water. What’s more, the river’s shores plus the central business districts are dotted with a selection of beautiful restaurants (The Gateway included!), cafes and wineries that make perfect stops to tick off on your map as you for a few days of R ‘n R.

A houseboating vacation is about taking it easy, relaxing on the river. It’s about relaxing with your closest friends and family. That being said, the houseboats on offer in Mildura also provide a certain degree of luxury. You can jump on a jet ski, host a themed party, cook up a gourmet feast (paired with local wines, of course) as well as catch some yabbies.

With so many outstanding benefits of houseboating on the Murray, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular activity for vacationers.

3. Wineries and Olive Oil Farms

Mildura is one of Australia’s top producers of bulk-wine on the global market. Think massive vats that are infused with wood chip to produce to produce an oaky flavour. If you’re a lover of fine wine and produce, head to Trentham Estate, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch and wine tasting menu.

From there you can head to Varapodio Estate oil farm and taste their range of olive oils, as well as buy bottles of cold pressed olive oil to take home. This olive oil truly is some of the best available in the country, and for lovers of the simple joys olive oil brings, you will surely appreciate the rich aroma and taste of Varapodio olive oil.

If Trentham and Varapodio aren’t enough to satisfy your gourmet desires head to Oak Valley Estate, where Ferdinando, a true gentleman, produces fine port as well as unique wines like Sangiovese and Grenache, as well as dried fruits and olive oils.