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Tried Any of These Popular Pub Foods From Around the World?


When the weekend rolls around, most of us opt for a session at the local pub for a good feed or the odd drink, and it’s not just Aussies that enjoy this weekly tradition. People worldwide have always wanted good pub food for the activity of socialisation, experiencing delicious dishes or the temptation of alcohol (or a combination of all three).

Booze and food play an equal role in making up what we consider the ‘ultimate’ modern weekend. Some over-the-counter meals and small plates have become staple food items from our local hotspots, and these famous recipes are now commonplace around the globe. So, without further ado, here is a list of the most loved and popular pub menu options from all corners of the world.

Are these the greatest recipes in the world?

Hot wings
Succulent, tender chicken wings – with or without a specialty house sauce – are a staple pub food loved by all, no matter the country. These crunchy treats make the best food to start the evening with and pair nicely with a locally brewed ale.

Calamari and onion rings

Hoops of deep-fried calamari and onion rings have been on the menu for as long as we can remember, mostly because they’re perfect for all ages and tastes. These crispy rings are typically topped with salt and pepper and are best enjoyed with tartar sauce.


This Mexican delight isn’t just limited to your Taco Bell. They’re now a must-have across the world in all forms of pubs. And who doesn’t like a bowl of warm, cheesy nachos with fresh condiments and a soda on the side?

Mozzarella sticks

Another super-loved menu item, whose famous recipe can be found easily on the nifty Google, is mozzarella sticks. These sticks can be considered as the epitome of all the junk food. Breaded and deep-fried, these sticks are best enjoyed with chunky marinara or ranch dressing and a cheeky beverage.

Burger sliders

These goodies make for unmissable finger food, especially when paired with good company. Reduced in size by a factor of three, there’s less mess (maybe) but still plenty of favour. You will find these sliders on all the pubs’ menu across the globe and often come in unique variations – like pork and wasabi.

Artichoke dip

Tiny chunks of artichoke sauteed in sauce and layered with cheese – what could be better? Enjoy this blend with carefully toasted slices of a French baguette or freshly baked pita and your choice of drink. Pubs in the Mediterranean love the frequent this dish, and you’ll never go wrong with it either.

Potato fries and dip

The ultra-crispy fries, topped with salt and other seasonings, paired with smoked aioli is an absolute treat. Popular in both the US and Australia, this easy dish will always be on the favourites list.

Luckily, you don’t have to travel worldwide to experience some of these delectable dishes. Just head to Mildura Gateway Tavern for a weekly session with good food and drink. Are you looking for a family restaurant? We’re perfect for all ages, all-year-round.

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